The Ashurst Kennel

Our most popular kennel ,hundreds sold though out the UK and beyond

Ashurst Kennels have a full height sleeping box, for easy cleaning and can hang heat lap,   Runs and sleeping boxes are fully roofed, 

runs sizes available 1m,1.5m,2m and  3m long  and 1m 1.5m 2m and 3m  wide 

Made from treated 50mm x 50mm framework and clad with treated 19mm x 125mm t&g shiplap.

Kennel floor is treated t&g on bearers

Roof is treated t&g and covered with quality felt ( for single, double and small triple kennels)

or treated wooden purlins and green box profile tin roof sheets with ridge caps (standard triple, 4 bays and larger kennels)

Doors to kennel has padbolt which can take a padlock

Pophole can be made to size of your dog and has anti chew strips around.

Fully galvanised 8 cm gap run panels, doors can take a padlock

Can upgrade to 5cm gap run panels for extra 

Free erection of this building! Pop hole anti chew as standard !

photo of a standard 3 bay Ashurst  4.5m wide  x 3.3m  deep (2m run)