The Burley Kennel

Our Burley kennels have a full height sleeping box, with no roof over the runs. 

These kennels can be sited outside or erected inside a building.

The Burley kennel comes in 2 sizes, small ( box size 1m x 1m) and standard (box size 1.5m x 1.2m)

It also comes in 3 different run lengths, 1.5m, 2m and 3m.

Made from treated 50mm x50mm framework and clad with treated  19mm x 125mm t&g shiplap.

Floor in the sleeping boxes  is treated t&g boards on treated wooden bearers.

Roof on the sleeping boxes is treated t&g boards covered with quality felt.

Door to sleeping box has a padbolt that can take a padlock.

Pophole can be made to the size of your dog and comes with anti chew strips.

The run panels are fully galvanised 8 cm gaps but can be upgraded to 5cm gap bars for extra. the doors can take a padlock.

Free on site erection Free anti chew on pophole

Photo is of a small double 2m wide x 3m deep (2m run)