Beaulieu palace 8' x 4'

The Beaulieu Palace Kennel

The Beaulieu Palace Kennel is the same layout as the Beaulieu Kennel but has a bar panel on the front instead of the wire mesh, as making it stronger.

The Beaulieu Palace kennel comes in 3 sizes, 8' x 4' , 10' x 4' and 12' x 4'

Made from treated 50mm x 50mm framework and clad with 16mmx 125mm t&g shiplap.

The floor in the sleeping box is treated t&g boards on treated wooden Bearers.

Pophole can be made to size of your dog and comes with anti chew strips.

The roof is treated t&g boards covered with quality felt.

The door to the kennel has a padbolt which can take a padlock.

The run panel is fully galvanised 8cm gap the door can take a padlock. can be upgraded to 5cm bars for extra.

The sleeping box can be made on either side of the kennel.

Free on site erection Free Anti chew strips on pophole

Photo is a 8' x 4' Beaulieu Palace kennel